Develop onsite solar: either rooftop, ground mount, or carport racking.

Our Role as Energy Manager

ECX collects account information and begins work with our Service Provider to perform a site visit, identify incentives available, and provide a proposal to Client. Full turnkey installation and maintenance.


A dedicated Account Manager will:

  • Collect required documentation from Client including invoices, letters of authorization and exclusivity.
  • Work with the Client in understanding the best solar deployment strategy (asset level details such as roof age, explore ground mount as well as carport structures)
  • Work with Service Provider in providing an initial financial analysis, inclusive of all incentives available
  • Present financial analysis to Client
  • Perform a site visit with Service Provider once Client provides the green light based on the financial analysis
  • Present agreement for Client Execution
  • Work in conjunction with Service Provider to submit utility incentives
  • Work in conjunction with Service Provider to schedule installation and complete project.