Identify ideal rate tariff in regulated markets

Our Role as Energy Manager

ECX collects electric, gas, and water invoices from Clients. We review invoices for historical billing errors and identify the best rate class option for future savings.


  • Prepare and assemble all documentation necessary to affect a refund from the utility
  • Prepare communications for Customer to send to its suppliers and/or utilities to obtain relevant information
  • Perform administrative functions related to (i) and (ii), for example analyzing responses from suppliers, utilities or regulatory authorities
  • Respond to all inquiries from suppliers, utilities or regulatory authorities regarding the refund claims or amended returns and handle any audit activity resulting from the filing of a refund claim or amended return
  • Monthly utility bill data is analyzed, and numerous billing components are audited to identify billing errors and refund opportunities
  • Validating that all assigned rate schedules are applied correctly
  • A full evaluation of alternative rates/tariff interpretations, qualifications and applicability
  • Comparison of current rates/tariffs versus alternative rates/tariffs
  • Preparation of necessary correspondence for utility service providers
  • Work with the utility providers to secure rate changes so that going forward savings can be realized by Client
  • We will provide a detailed analysis of each account documenting each refund and savings opportunity. We will also present an implementation plan to get the refunds and savings secured