Do you just trust that your utility is giving you the best possible rate? Don’t.

Let’s face it. A utility bill is a complicated thing. It’s pretty much impossible for an average person to decipher what all those charges mean. But utility bill optimization experts intricately understand the energy, gas and water sectors – and keep on top of up-to-the-minute changes – making them exceptionally-positioned to act as your advocate when it comes to those hard-to-understand but expensive utility bills.

These experts will examine your bills for errors and optimization opportunities. Here are the things they look at:

Are your meters accurate? We all rely on our meters to be accurate. Are they? The truth is not always yet they are the sole source of information that your bills are based on. A utility bill auditor can help you determine if your meters are installed and working correctly and make sure you’re not paying for electricity, gas or water you’re not even using.

Are you paying the right rate? Utilities often have numerous rates available to businesses. Through a bill optimization review, an expert will examine all available rates (and sometimes there are rates that are not even advertised!) and make sure that you’re paying the one that’s most advantageous to you.

Are you in the right tariff category? Tariffs include rates, but also other fees like service or demand charges. They can be lengthy and complicated – particularly for larger commercial customers. The utility company isn’t responsible for ensuring you are placed into the right tariff category: you are. The bill optimization process includes a deep dive into available tariffs to ensure your company is matched up with the right one.

Are there errors or usage spikes on your bill? An optimization expert will go through your bills, line by line, ensuring there are no human or computer errors. They’ll also be able to spot unusual usage patterns, and help you address them.

Are there refunds or savings available for you? If errors or optimization opportunities are found, a bill auditor will work with a utility company on your behalf. If you’ve paid erroneous charges, they’ll work on getting you a refund. If they find a better rate or tariff, they’ll work with the utility to apply it – all you have to do is enjoy future savings. Note that the fee collected by most bill optimization services is just a small portion of any savings found and realized.

Are you interested in seeing if your utility bills are accurate, and potentially keeping more money in your business’s pocket? Energy CX offers bill optimization services. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more.


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