The generation of two or three  usable forms of energy from one single source of fuel. Benefits include reduction of greenhouse gases and energy consumption, increased resiliency, and systems can be designed to operate in Island Mode which offers standby power and energy. CHP is most effective for larger energy consumers ($1m of combined gas and electric spend).

Our Role as Energy Manager

ECX collects account information and begins work with our Service Providers to perform a site visit, scope the project, identify incentives available, and provide a proposal to the Client. Full turnkey installation and maintenance.


A dedicated Account Manager will:

  • Discuss with Client to identify their energy savings, resiliency  and sustainability goals.
  • Collect required asset information as well as documentation including invoices, letters of authorization and exclusivity
  • Present a Level 1 Financial Analysis, inclusive of cost, incentives, and ROI if agreeable:
  • Schedule a Site Visit with Client and Service Provider
  • Present Level 2 Financial Analysis, which will include a not to exceed cost. If Client wants to move forward with project, Agreement is executed and Engineering Fee is collected (project specific) 
  • Work with Client and Service Provider during the development and deployment process supporting both parties