The upgrade reduces the speed of HVAC equipment blower fans, to match the actual heating and cooling loads, as indicated by the "calls" for heating and cooling from the existing temperature control device or system.

This solution  delivers significant savings primarily due to the Fan Affinity Law (Physics), which states the power used by a fan motor is reduced exponentially as the speed is reduced.

Our Role as Energy Manager

ECX collects account information and begins work with our Service Providers to perform a site visit, scope the project, identify incentives available, and provide a proposal to Client. Full turnkey installation.


A dedicated Account Manager will:

  • Collect required documentation from Client including invoices, letters of authorization, and any documentation outlining current HVAC equipment 
  • Schedule a HVAC audit with ideal Service Provider
  • Work with Service Provider in providing an initial financial analysis inclusive of all incentives
  • Present financial analysis to Client, if agreeable
  • Present agreement for Client Execution
  • Work in conjunction with Service Provider in submitting incentive applications, order materials, and schedule installation
  • Work with Service Provider in completing project