Streamline invoice processing (receive, process, identify errors, house electronic copies)

Our Role as Energy Manager

ECX takes over the entire accounts payable process on behalf of Clients. We receive invoices, scan them, audit for errors, extrapolate consumption data, and provide an importable file for Clients AP/Property Management platform. Clients will have access to the electronic invoice at any time through our Porta.


ECX will acquire, digitize, and store data in software for all invoices designated by the Client:

  • An invoice may contain up to three (3) imaged pages. Each group of additional pages (up to three (3) will be considered an additional invoice).
  • Invoices will be pulled automatically into the platform via 1) online logins from vendor websites where permissible, 

2) emails direct from vendors or customers, 

3) snail mail to ECX’s designated PO Box, and/or 

4) Client SFTP site.

  • Invoices may be provided via CSV or Excel input and will be charged at the appropriate 
  • ECX shall collect from the Client or END USER vendors, by request, historical invoices. Historic invoices will be charged at the per invoice fee listed Section V. The timeline for entering historical data will depend on the volume and the format in which the data is received. An estimate for the time to load historical data will be provided upon receipt of the request.
  • ECX will alert Client on missing invoices via standard reports in the software or pushed to a designated email address on an established frequency.