Reduce capacity and transmission obligations to reduce electrical spend.

Our Role as Energy Manager

ECX will work with Client to determine curtailment capabilities. ECX will notify Client of Peak Days and Times beginning a week before the actual event. Client with curtail electrical load during these times to mitigate their Peak Load Contribution which materially influences their electricity prices.


A dedicated Account Manager will:

  • Collect required documentation from Client including invoices, letters of authorization and exclusivity
  • Provide a savings analysis to Client based on participation level 
  • Work with Client and account Stakeholders to determine curtailment plan
  • Present Peak Load Mitigation agreement to Client for execution
  • Provide Peak Alerts beginning one week in advance of events. As the date nears, accuracy of alerts become more fine tuned. Typically 24 hours before the event, Client will receive alert of expected peak hours
  • Communicate with Client and Stakeholders on the day of the event to confirm curtailment participation level
  • Inform Client of new Peak Load Contributions (PLC) as the Utility makes them available
  • Invoice Client for shared savings once Client is billed with their new, lower PLCs