Create a new revenue stream for Client and a new amenity for tenants.

Our Role as Energy Manager

ECX will work with Client to implement this strategy which includes changing unit account information into Client’s name, ECX will receive and process all invoices. ECX will procure commodities on the asset level, including common areas and units themselves. We will provide an importable file for the Management team to include utility charges on the tenant’s rent statement. ECX will compensate Client on a monthly basis.


  • ECX will acquire, digitize, and store data in software for all account invoices participating in Tenant Yield on an ongoing basis
  • ECX will provide Tenant Yield Agreement to Client including Client’s compensation structure 
  • ECX will communicate with our network of suppliers in setting up pricing requests, RFP, or auction to appropriately clear the market and identify the best options for Client
  • Account Manager will provide a savings analysis outlining best options available 
  • Account Manager will present the results of the RFP to Client
  • Once a supplier decision has been made, prices are refreshed and agreements are executed
  • On an ongoing basis, ECX will receive all invoices participating in Tenant Yield 
  • ECX will provide an importable file to Client which will be used to add utility charges to Tenant’s Rent Statement
  • ECX will direct deposit agreed upon referral fee for Tenant accounts on a monthly deposit