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Save money with superior solutions, analytics, and service.

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Your needs power everything we do.

Specialized data 

Daily rates, real-time discounts, no surprises. Best-in-class technology and analysis for your energy purchasing.

360 support

Simplifying utility management for property owners and managers with our Customer Success team. We manage tenant setups, meters, outages, and billing for a stress-free experience.

Custom approach

We don't just offer fixed rates based on today's market conditions; we craft custom strategies tailored to your energy consumption patterns, risk tolerance, and usage needs.

Power in numbers

97 %

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53 M

2023 Customer Savings

1000 +


98 %

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1000+ clients

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What clients are saying

  • Energy CX has been instrumental in managing our energy costs, streamlining operations, and minimizing risk. Their approach has saved us time and enhanced our buying experience. We highly recommend Energy CX for their tangible impact on our bottom line.

    Keating Crown Sterling Bay | Managing Principal

  • Energy CX has played a vital role in uncovering substantial savings in our electricity and gas supply charges over the past year. Their responsive team and impressive organizational skills have been invaluable. We eagerly anticipate more successful outcomes in the future!

    Laci Simms CA Ventures | Procurement Manager

  • We have had the good fortune of working with Energy CX for several years. When we struggled to keep our utility costs in check and to keep our transition of properties smooth, Energy CX was referred to us... They are relentless in their pursuit of the best rates, the best service, smooth transitions, and add value every step of the way...

    Andy Gutman FARBMAN GROUP | President

  • I was introduced to Energy CX after acquiring a property where they handled electric supply. After helping me through that transition, I quickly saw the value in doing business with Energy CX. They’ve proven to be a valuable business partner who isn’t just there to complete transactions, but a partner who has the resources and abilities to solve issues that allow me to focus on more important aspects of my business.

    Kevin Halm Alvarez & Marsal Property Investments | Director of Property Management

  • Energy CX has been a tremendous help in finding significant savings for our electrical and gas supply charges this past year. They were also helpful in providing meaningful data and transitioning from another supplier to a better supplier and contracting even additional savings mid-contract. Their team is on top of any request immediately and has proven to be organized thus far. Looking forward to future wins!

    Annette Mid America | Annette Asset Manager

  • We’ve been working with Energy CX now for almost two years. This was a service we did not use prior to working with them. They always have our best interest in mind and are looking to help us save at every chance available which is more important to us now than ever as a restaurant during these challenging times. I would highly recommend them to anyone, regardless of industry.

    Ben Uvodich Roka Akor | Regional Manager

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