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Take back your time with utility support

Save your sanity and don't disrupt your operations. Let us handle your utility issues.

We help you with:

Utility transfers
Gas leaks
Billing changes
Missing invoices
Meter setups

Get 24/7 support

Our dedicated Customer Service team has your back beyond the transaction, no matter the request.


Time or money? Save both.

Let us know the issue

Send us your utility issues including: meter setups, gas leaks, utility transfers, utility setups, meter splits, billing disputes, and more.

We’ll finish the job

Don’t manage your utility issues and wait hours or even weeks for an answer. We’ll take advantage of our utility relationships for you.

Working with Energy CX allows us to focus on other parts of the business. We know that we’re in good hands with their work ethic and they’re going to strive for us every day.

Keating Crown, Managing Principal, Sterling Bay


Questions? We are here to help.

What are utility issues?

Utility issues are problems or concerns related to essential public services like service interruptions, billing discrepancies, service quality, environmental impact, regulatory compliance, customer service challenges, infrastructure maintenance, energy efficiency, safety concerns, and emergency.

Who is my supplier?

You can find your energy supplier by checking your utility bills or contacting your local utility company or energy broker. In rental properties, your landlord or property manager may have information about the energy supplier for your residence. If you have a utility meter on your property, the name of your energy supplier might also be visible on the meter itself.

What do suppliers do?

An energy supplier procures, delivers, and bills for electricity or natural gas. They ensure a reliable energy supply, offer rate plans, and may promote renewable options. These companies also handle billing, customer support, and compliance with regulations.

How do I contact Customer Service?

You can fill out our support request from or reach out to us directly at for any energy-related issues you run into.

How do I know my issue is resolved?

You will be contacted every step of the way when it comes to the progress of your utility service ticket. Expect confirmation email from when your issue is resolved and see live updates on the ticket feature in our Customer Portal.

How common are utility issues?

Energy-related utility issues can vary in frequency and severity depending on factors like location, infrastructure, and weather conditions.

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