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 Unlock the power of Analytics-Based Energy Logic (ABEL™) for smarter, data-driven decisions from the start. Our cutting-edge technology powers the most effective energy procurement strategy available on the market.

Gain peace of mind with actionable insights at your fingertips

ABEL™ consolidates second-by-second data ranging from property information to real-time energy market insights, all in one internal platform. We handle the complexity for you, analyzing critical data to inform your decisions.

ABEL™ data graph

Buy when you should, not
when you have to

With comprehensive insights and data, ABEL™ paves the way for smarter energy decisions. We secure optimal rates for each property before your contract ends, so you stay ahead of the curve. 


ABEL™ gathers comprehensive energy market insights and millions of data points in one platform effectively.


Our experts dive into the data, uncovering valuable insights to craft your unique purchasing strategy.


With our data-backed recommendation, you gain the most effective energy strategy for you.

We've been able to not only see historical data and monitor what's going on currently, but also forecast out and get our renewal rates in for the following years.

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Questions? We are here to help.

Who is ABEL™?

Our energy intelligence platform, ABEL™, stands for Analytics-Based Energy Logic. But, it's more than that. Abel Rice was the start of the generational shift in energy innovation and entrepreneurship for the Rice family. Born in 1905, he lived a legacy of continuous growth and change.

Can I see ABEL™?

ABEL™ is currently proprietary technology that we have on our internal system. This means you won't be able to see it publicly, but you will see the data ABEL™ powers in your custom energy purchasing analysis from our experts.

How does the energy market work?

The energy market operates similarly to the stock market, where electricity and energy resources are bought and sold like stocks. Prices fluctuate based on supply, demand, and various factors, and participants aim to optimize their energy portfolios in this dynamic marketplace.

What does an analysis look like?

ABEL™ powers the data that our experts use to build your analysis. We will walk through your concise report from our team and all the choices you have based on your needs and goals.

Where does your data come from?

The energy data that powers ABEL™ comes from 3rd party data partners. We make sure that all data is in house so it's not a guessing game of when the most optimal time to buy energy is.

How often is ABEL™ updated?

ABEL™ is updated every second and based on live insights. So, we know what is going on at all seconds of the day with energy. Literally.