The ECX Doctrine

Our culture is not for everyone. 

We believe in our team's personal growth. Everyone is provided with the resources to invest in themselves and realize their full potential. At Energy CX, we challenge one another to tackle complex challenges, work hard, innovate, and grow.

We have a shared and unique set of values: 

We believe in Radical Honesty. Sometimes your feelings might get hurt. 

We believe in Prioritization. Your time matters - we make sure you use it wisely.

We believe in High Standards. Your output is scrutinized and celebrated. 

We believe in Continous Growth. We expect consistency. 

We believe in Bias for Action. We like doers, not talkers. 

We believe in Clear Thinking. We expect clear communication and thought. 

We believe in Long Term Thinking. You must invest in yourself for the long term. 

We believe in Resourcefulness. We believe hand holding prevents growth. 

We believe in Work/Life Balance. We want everyone to thrive inside/outside of the office.