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What We Believe In:

Effective communication

We convey ideas and information clearly and persuasively. Effective communication is essential for collaboration and building strong relationships.

Customer obsession

Putting the customer at the center of everything we do. We consistently strive to understand and meet their needs and provide exceptional service and support.


Identifying the most important tasks and goals and focusing on them. It involves making choices about where to allocate time and resources for maximum impact.


Committed to self-control and consistent effort in pursuing goals and maintaining high standards. 

Radical honesty

An unwavering commitment to truth and transparency in all interactions. We are radically honest which means being open, candid, and straightforward in communication, even when it's difficult.

High standards

Energy CX sets and maintains a high bar for quality and excellence in all aspects of your work. It means not settling for mediocrity and consistently striving for the best.


We make the most of available resources and finds creative solutions to challenges. It's about being adaptable and finding ways to achieve goals efficiently.

Bias for action

We are ready to take on any initiative and act decisively. Energy CX encourages proactivity and a willingness to tackle challenges and opportunities promptly.

Long-term thinking

A focus on sustainable, long-lasting solutions rather than quick fixes. Long-term thinking involves considering the future consequences of actions and decisions.

Continuous growth

We are committed to ongoing learning, improvement, and development. It involves seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth and always looking for ways to enhance skills and knowledge.


Concentrating on the most critical tasks and avoiding distractions. Focus is essential for productivity and achieving our objectives.

Think mental models

Use mental models to analyze and understand complex situations.