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A Legacy of Energy: The Birth of Energy CX

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It all began in the late 1800s when the Rice family’s 1st generation ancestors immigrated to America from Lithuania and settled in Ohio. Little did they know, their accidental entry into the energy business would shape the future of their family for generations to come. 

With each generation, the roots in entrepreneurship and the energy industry only grew deeper, ultimately leading the Rice family to build Energy CX and become trailblazers in the industry. As it stands today, the Rice family is 5th generation energy entrepreneurs with a commitment to creating a world where energy is abundant, renewable, and safe.

Humble Beginnings

The Rice family's journey in the energy industry began with humble beginnings. When 1st generation ancestors immigrated to America, their accidental entry into the energy business began with trading oil well equipment. 

As time went on, the family was able to build deep connections with those in the energy industry and embarked on oil drilling. The 2nd generation capitalized on this opportunity and invented a new company called Producers Supply.

The 3rd, and 4th generations became deeply intertwined with the energy industry at this point. While hiking one day, the 4th generation Rice stumbled into a pile of animal waste, sparking an idea: to turn this waste into clean energy. 

With his passion for environmental conservation, he assembled a team and worked tirelessly to develop a breakthrough method to convert animal waste into renewable energy. 

This started the creation of Tomar Industries which then became Biofuels Technology, a successful biodiesel, specialty chemicals manufacturing, and distribution company with the goal to eliminate needless waste in the industry.

It was only natural for the 5th generation Rice family to follow in their ancestors' footsteps and continue the legacy they had unknowingly established. 

When deregulation first emerged, the Rice family knew this was the future. Through dedication, hard work, and innovation, they carved a path for Energy CX. The journey from accidental participants to trailblazers in an energy revolution was not easy, but it was the driving force behind the determination to turn dreams into reality.

 The Future 

The Rice family has always had grand aspirations for the future, envisioning a tomorrow where renewable energy is the norm, where our innovative technologies and solutions have become the standard for a sustainable and efficient energy landscape.

Energy CX’s main goal for the future is to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation. We are committed to developing even more advanced technologies that harness the power of renewable resources, such as solar and wind energy, to meet the world's growing energy demands. We aspire to make these technologies more accessible and affordable for individuals and businesses alike, ensuring a greener and cost effective future for all.