$493,600 in savings

per year over three years
Project Size

20 buildings with over 1.2 million square feet.


Customer required 100% renewable/green energy.

  • Analyzed their accounts and noticed high rates utility by utility.
  • Structured electricity product so all items were fixed.
  • Worked with suppliers to provide 100% renewable energy products at a fraction of the standard cost.

$264,000 in savings

per year over three years
Project Size

150 locations across the Chicagoland area.


Customer was unaware of their current contracts for all assets.

  • Worked directly with suppliers to obtain contract data and organized contract data in a dynamic database.
  • Combined accounts based on capacity, utility and current contracts.
  • Staggered start dates so all contracts would end coterminous.
  • Developed a long-term strategy that included demand management and flexible contract language. 
Energy As An Asset

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