Commodity procurement in deregulated markets

Our Role as Energy Manager

ECX collects account information, works with the Client to understand their risk tolerances, and their plans for the asset. We clear the market through our supplier network to align our Client with the best product structure, price, term and contractual terms.


A dedicated Account Manager and Pricing Analyst will:

  • Collect required documentation from Client including invoices, letters of authorization and exclusivity
  • Communicate with Client to better understand their goals and plans for the asset to align product structure, risk tolerances and contractual language
  • Communicate with our network of suppliers in setting up pricing requests, RFP, or auction to appropriately clear the market and identify the best options for Client
  • Account Manager will provide a savings analysis outlining best options available 
  • Account Manager will present the results of the RFP to Client
  • Once a supplier and product structure decision has been made, prices are refreshed and agreements are executed
  • Once Client is under our Energy Management, ongoing market analysis is performed and buy suggestions are made over the course of the agreement, as the market presents opportunities