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Scott Hammes

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Joining Energy CX in 2021, Scott Hammes started his career at Energy CX in a growth role where he formed strategic partnerships with industry leaders in the multi-family / office space as well as  third-party operators and created an acquisition process and strategy. 

Scott was promoted to CRO in early 2022, leading the effort of turning the Sales and Customer Success teams into a scalable operation. Under his leadership and guidance,  the Energy CX team headcount went from three to 20+ within 18 months. His passion for growth has led to successful revenue outcomes and helped Energy CX reach new heights in the industry.

Prior to joining Energy CX, he graduated from the University of Indiana Kelley School of Business, embarking on a career journey marked by innovation and scalability. He worked in New York as an Investment Banking Analyst for Guggenheim Partners in its Healthcare M&A group. 

Taking on the position of Co-CEO in early 2024, he continues to drive the company’s growth and manages daily operations. Scott enjoys building and managing teams and executing on the company’s strategic initiatives. His relentless pursuit of scalability and operational excellence underscores his commitment to driving tangible results and propelling Energy CX into the future.

Fun fact: Scott is a triplet and the oldest by one minute.

Scott Hammes


Ellen Rice

Ellen co-founded Energy CX in 2005. Her commitment to going above and beyond the transaction has been the foundation of the company.

Ellen Rice Co-Founder
Miles Rice

Miles' creative spark, unwavering innovation, and passion for disruption have reshaped the very core of Energy CX. His vision continues to propel us forward, influencing how we operate and envision the future.

Miles Rice Co-Chief Executive Officer
Nathan Rice

Nathan heads our dedicated sales team and success initiatives. His relentless determination drives the development of connection and transparency that are redefining the energy brokerage landscape. 

Nathan Rice Chief Sales Officer
Scott Hammes

Scott successfully manages and oversees the day-to-day business operations. His commitment to our goals is the driving force behind our continued success and forward momentum.

Scott Hammes Co-Chief Executive Officer
Raaji Khan

Raaji has reshaped the traditional role of an energy brokerage through groundbreaking technology and data solutions developed alongside his team.

Raaji Khan Chief Technology Officer
Eddie Conlisk

With a legacy of years and generations in the energy industry, Eddie provides invaluable expertise in navigating energy markets, making him an indispensable asset to Energy CX and our customers.

Eddie Conlisk Head of Market Intelligence
Jordan Quertermous

Jordan successfully manages our growing sales team and works alongside Nathan to build a revolutionary department.

Jordan Quertermous Business Development Manager
Jack Silberman

Jack has a profound understanding of both the industry and the unique needs of hospitality customers which has driven his success in leading our dedicated hospitality department.

Jack Silberman EVP, Head of Hospitality